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Tape Recovery

We specializes in recovery of data from damaged or corrupted tape cartridges such as:
  • DLT (Digital Linear Tape)
  • SDLT (Super DLT)
  • LTO2/3/4/5/6/7 (Linear Tape Open)
  • AIT (Advance Intelligent Tape)
  • DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4 and DDS5
  • DAT (Digital Audio Format)

Our Tape Recovery Specialists recover data from corrupt or damaged tape drives, damaged due to following reasons:

  • Physical damage to the Tape Drive due to water, electricity and fire etc.
  • Failure in back up
  • Overwriting in tape Drives
  • User error such as accidental deletion
  • Improper System Shutdown.

We recover lost data from corrupt or damaged tape cartridges and provide complete solution for Tape Recovery. 

Our Specialization in Tape Recovery

  • Supports all tape Formats such as DLT (Digital Linear Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advance Intelligent Tape, DAT (Digital Audio Format)


  • Recover data from damaged tapes.
  • Recover Tape From Physical damages
  • Recovery of lost files and folders providing deleted file recovery
  • Provides recovery of data lost due to tape corruption.
  • Recover Data from Broken Tape

Send us your Damaged Tape to our Tape recovery technicians to recover corrupt tape cartridges


If you have any file repair and recovery requirements, contact us for more details

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