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Hard disk drives are the most popular and convenient storage media to store or save data. But if hard disk get corrupted or damaged, they will lead to many Hardships. In this case you need a Specialized Hard Disk Recovery Services.

Our Data Recovery Specialists are waiting to recover your data from crashed or damaged hard disk. Data Recovery from hard disk have been categorized in two headings:

  • Physical Data Recovery
  • Non Physical Data Recovery

Data Recovery process that leads to recovery or salvaging of data from physically crashed or damaged hard disk is known as Physical Data Recovery.  Hard disk can get physically damaged due to some common reasons as follows:

  • Hard disk crash
  • Damaged Logic cards
  • Head crashes
  • Fire or heat damages
  • Shocks or abuses
  • Water and fire damages
  • Broken spindles
  • Damaged platters

Data Recovery process that leads to recovery or salvaging of data from the lost and corrupted file(s) and folder(s), re-partitioned drives and accidental partition deletion of the logical drives is known as Non Physical Data Recovery.  Hard Disks can get logically corrupted due to some common reasons as follows:

  • Accidental Shutdown
  • Virus Attacks
  • Overwritten of FAT MFT
  • Re-partitioning of Logical Drives

If you have any file repair and recovery requirements, contact us for more details

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